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Circuits in Colombia

Medellin, Colombia

A greater Colombia

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USD 1764* / person

Rate from USD 1764* 9 nights 10 days, current rate until there are no more spaces. See conditions.

A destination that you will love

All the past violence that Colombia had during the 80’s, 90’s, and even in the first years of the 2000’s has come to a stop due to the recent signing of a peace deal between the Colombian government and the guerilla group. Major cities are booming and becoming metropoli and remote areas are reappearing on the map thanks to the feeling of hope that Colombians now sense. The stereotype remains thanks to movies and media, however this trip is designed to break them down and show that their dark history is gone, and even moreso to share with you the optimism, projects, and characteristics of a new Colombia.

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Description of the plan
What’s included?

Private transfers in - out at every destination.
9 nights of accommodation.
Private transportation
Private bilingual tour guides.
Breakfast per night of accommodation
Lunch in Camarones, Bahía Portete, Cabo de la Vela and Manaure
All the activities mentioned in the itinerary
Travel assistance card.

What’s excluded?

Personal expenses
VAT (Value added tax) only for Colombians.
Internal flights

Day 1.

Arrival to Medellín and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2. History of Transformation

20 Years ago, Medellin was one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Back in the early 90s, when the hunt for Pablo Escobar took place, the head of Medellín’s drug Cartel was at its peak. Thus the reign of “El Patron” came to its end. Until the turn of the millennium the struggle to find Escobar’s successor continued, but in 2002 Medellín began to change. Local politicians started to invest heavily in infrastructure and public education. Today, the “City of Eternal Spring” is one of the most innovative metropoles in the world. This is an exciting tour through the history of Medellín where you learn about the fascinating transformation of this urban sprawl.

Day 3. Flower farm and City Tour

This tour combines a visit of a traditional flower farm in Santa Elena with a Medellín city tour, including a stunning cable-car ride into town. Flowers are the symbol of Medellín and the annual Flower Festival is the cultural highlight of the year. Travel to the flower village of Santa Elena located in the highlands above Medellín. Growing flowers has a long tradition in the region and it is a unique experience to visit a flower farm to get to know the so-called “Silletero” culture. Afterwards, take the cable car to Medellín`s Santo Domingo neighbourhood to start your city-tour. The cable car was constructed to make the inner city more accessible to people from the outskirts, and allows visitors a glimpse into the lives of the marginalized population. Visit downtown Medellín and listen to local musicians and the traditional “Guasca” music while visiting the Parque Berrío. Stroll through the hustle and bustle of downtown Medellín to the famous Botero Plaza with an exhibition of the Colombian artist Fernando Botero, whose sculptures have become a landmark of the city.

Day 4.

Transfer to the airport and fly to Armenia. Check in the hotel and rest.

Day 5. Wake Cup tour

In this day you will have a cultural experience, visiting the traditional coffee town of Pijao. This village was recently added to the list of slow towns of the world by the cittaslow (Italian for “slow city”) project. Among the main characteristics of the town you find a unique and colorful architecture, combined with particular traditions. You will interact with the community to learn about the supply chain coffee has, and how the town itself works to provide one of the smoothest coffees on earth. In the afternoon you visit a local farm located in the mountains where you learn all about the coffee production process from the seed to the cup and its importance for the economy of this place.

Day 6. Génova, understanding why peace is important.

You will visit another coffee town where you will face the origins of the guerrilla conflict in Colombia. This town will let you know the history that made war explode between communist and conservative groups. You will visit historical places, and talk to the community to witness their stories. Nowadays all you perceive in this village is hope. Community associations have organized economical parties to show the world their agricultural products. Even coffee is among these organizations with their local brand Café Genovés, that have participated in international contest winning the Gold Bean in 2011 as the best coffee of origin. By visiting this town you will understand how important the current peace process is for the country.

Day 7. Flamingos in the caribbean

Transfer to the airport and fly to Riohacha. In the afternoon tour around the Flora and Fauna Sanctuary of Flamingos, a place where thousands of pink flamingos arrive the whole year, looking for food and nutrients in mangrove ecosystem. This strategical point has among its landscapes the snowy mountains of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the desert, and the Caribbean Sea. After the birdwatching activity, an indigenous tour guide will explain all the ancestral secrets found in the medicinal plants of area. Lunch is included in a local ranchería with traditional seafood. (Ask your travel agent in case of restrictions). In the afternoon transfer to the hotel and rest. Duration 6 hs Approx.

Day 8 - 9. Wayuu Experience

Immerse yourself into Wayuu indigenous cultural traditions. This provides you with the chance to interact with the locals, so you learn all about their beliefs, their rituals, even the way they say goodbye to the ones who have passed away. This community located in Bahía Portete will also let you understand another face of the internal conflict in Colombia, where paramilitarism is another character that seriously affected this indigenous tribe in 2004. Fortunately all of these sad stories are part of the past, and now the community is an example of resilience, hope, and organization. They are involved in tourism and have found a new sustainable way to live in the middle of the desert. At the end of this activity you go to Cabo de la Vela to stay overnight in a traditional Ranchería. El Cabo de la Vela is surrounded by a beautiful scene composed of tan sand and clear turquoise waters, strong winds, and the desert. Activity with a duration of 6 hs. Approx. After a night in Cabo de la Vela, visit to the community of Mis Sueños from the clans Piayú and Pushaina. They are located in Manaure and you will learn about the salt company of Manaure with its owners. You also visit another ranchería where handicrafts, dancing, arts, and gastronomy are exposed. You will have time off to enjoy the beach if desired. Transfer to the Hotel and rest. Activity with a duration of 6 hours. Approx.

Day 10. Riohacha

Time off to go around Riohacha and enjoy the hotel facilities. And transfer to the airport.

plan conditions
Terms and Conditions
For the cancellation or modification of each of the reserved rooms, there is a period of 90 calendar days before the arrival of the passengers, exempting them from any penalty. For reservations cancelled between 89 to 30 calendar days before the arrival of the passengers, 50% of the value of the booked package is charged, according to the number of people and the chosen plan. Any cancellations of the booked rooms, which are made during the last 29 calendar days before the arrival of the passengers, will be charged for the entire amount of the cancelled reservation, according to the number of people and the booked plan.
No reservation is refundable. If you comply with the cancellation dates you can reactivate your plan within the next 12 months, taking into account that it will be subjected to availability and rates.
After the start of the trip there might be changes in the accommodation. Hotels reserve the right to make changes according to their own policies.
Any force majeure will be treated according to medical services (emergency events, incapacities, or hospitalization). These documents have to be issued by legal institutions for healthcare. In case of death of one of the passengers or a family member in the first degree of consanguinity, a death certificate has to be presented. Any certification that is presented must match the travel dates.
CHECK IN:  The time for the guest to get access to the hotel room, which will be specified in the details of the reservation.
CHECK OUT:  The maximum time for the room delivery on the departure day, which will be specified in the details of the reservation.
EARLY CHECK IN: It is understood as the possibility to receive access to the room earlier than the stipulated time, this service is subject to availability and may have an additional cost.
LATE CHECK OUT: It is understood as the room deivering later than the stipulated time, this service is subject to availability and, may have an additional cost.

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